Municipal Law

The municipal law practice of Lannom Coronado Haight PLLC originated in 1982 with John Lannom’s appointment as the City Attorney for Dyersburg and Newbern, Tennessee, as well as his more recent appointment as the City Attorney for Trimble, Tennessee.  The other attorneys in the firm regularly assist Mr. Lannom in representing these municipalities in a variety of matters, such as ordinance, regulation and policy drafting, review and revision; negotiation and review of a variety of contracts and agreements; Tennessee and federal regulatory compliance matters; zoning matters; use of police power; real estate matters; personnel matters, and civil enforcement of code and ordinance violations.  Lannom Coronado Haight PLLC is general counsel to the Dyersburg Electric System and Dyersburg Housing Authority.  We also represent other municipal entities in Northwest Tennessee from time to time in specific matters.